Homestay accommodation

If you’re happy to find your accommodation, we hope the information below will help you.
However, if you need any help at all, please let us know and we can organise everything for you.

Living with a homestay host is the perfect way for you to improve your English and learn more about British culture while living in London. It gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the local culture and to feel part of a family. Homestay hosts are varied; you may stay with a single person, a family with children, a retired couple or a young couple.

Staying in a homestay is also the most popular option for students and interns visiting London because it has some major advantages over other accommodation options available. Primarily, it provides very good value for money, with the costs being paid in advance and being very transparent. All bills are included and if you select the Half Board option, so is breakfast and dinner.

Our partner agency London Homestays are registered with the British Council, and have many years’ experience in finding the best homestay host options for students, taking great care to match the personal preferences (such as pets, children, smoking, dietary requirements) and travel time to the school.

Once your course is confirmed and you are ready to apply for homestay accommodation, complete the simple application form and one of the booking team will receive your submission within minutes and begin working on matching your request with suitable homestay hosts.

Please review the useful links below to find out more about homestay accommodation:

HOMESTAY ZONE 2£175.00£165.00£205.00£195.00
HOMESTAY ZONE 3£150.00£140.00£180.00£170.00
HOMESTAY ZONE 4+£130.00£120.00£160.00£150.00



+£25.00 PER WEEK
+£50.00 PER WEEK
+£15.00 PER WEEK

• Please note that a twin room can only be shared by two students travelling together. For safety reasons, we do not allow students to share a bedroom with a stranger.

There are obviously many other accommodation options available in a big city like London. For instance, offers lots of long-term rooms in student residences as well as some more short-term bookings. (link – Alternatively, you might want to rent rooms from local hosts using Airbnb.