Cross cultural communication training

Cross cultural communication training

Understanding different cultures, their rituals and their Business Culture are essential for International Business.

When conducting business in other countries, many factors come into play, which if not handled properly can lead to poor outcomes and broken relationships. There is much evidence from research that suggests the major failure of international joint ventures is due to misunderstanding of objectives and cultural divides.

However, these risks can be reduced and ultimately managed by taking on quality training and gaining cross-cultural communication skills.


Cross-cultural communication skills can be learnt and put into practice as soon as you finish this specially designed training. This course will give you practical insights and knowledge that will help you develop your cross-cultural communication skills in the country of your choice.

What is cross cultural communication ? 

Cross cultural communication not only covers a language but also covers gestures, behaviour, colours, shapes, sounds, way of greetings, gift-giving, meaning of numbers, negotiation styles, time keeping and a lots of other things.

Cross-cultural communication skill is essential to:

  • Reduce your anxiety and build confidence in doing business
  • By being confident, you can create a deal that is beneficial for both parties
  • Be culturally sensitive in your outward behaviour
  • Convey respect to others as expected in that country
  • Be relaxed and flexible in any kind of culture
  • Create synergy with your business partners and clients
  • Avoid problems / risks beforehand
  • Improve your productivity and efficiency

Course Overview: 

Our trainers have may years of business experience and have trained in more than 15 countries around the world. They can bring up-to-date knowledge into the sessions which will make it more interactive and interesting for participants.

We also offer training for specific countries, please go to the links below if you need to know how to do business in these countries in more detail: Japan, India, China and Mexico.


Course Outcomes: 

During this training, you will develop knowledge, confidence and skills in cross-cultural communication and also have the opportunity to practice it in a secure environment with coaching and advice from your trainer.