Long Courses

As a learner, you want big improvements so that you can be yourself in English and achieve your goals such as university study or a better job. That’s why we specialise in longer courses of 10-39 weeks.

After all of our longer-term courses, you will be able to:
● handle social, professional and study situations better
● express yourself more fluently when speaking and writing
● understand more of what you hear and read in English
● pass a recognised exam to prove your level (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, Trinity)

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Short Courses

As someone looking for a short course, you want to:
● gain confidence in speaking and listening
● learn as much as you can in an intensive programme
● cover a good range of topics, vocabulary and grammar
● make new friends and share your experiences with your class
● have a holiday as well as study!

At London Language Lab, we can guarantee these things because we keep our short courses separate from our long courses. So instead of joining an ongoing programme and doing two or three units of a coursebook, we provide you with courses unique to each group, with materials chosen and written for you and cultural lessons and tours integrated into the course alongside our varied social programme.

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IELTS And Other Exams

Exam success
You want to pass a recognised exam and achieve your goals. We can help you get there.
We understand that the key to success is not just learning enough language, but learning the right kind of language. And success doesn’t come from boring classes of endless practice tests, but from great motivating lessons!
You can achieve the grades you want in the exam you choose in one of three ways.

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English For Companies

Does you business need English training for your staff? With their track record in materials writing and course development, we can design specific courses for your company to be delivered on site.

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