London Language Lab | Long Courses
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Long Courses

Make big improvements

As a learner, you want big improvements so that you can be yourself in English and achieve your goals such as university study or a better job. That’s why we specialise in longer courses of 10-39 weeks.

After all of our longer-term courses, you will be able to:
● handle social, professional and study situations better
● express yourself more fluently when speaking and writing
● understand more of what you hear and read in English
● pass a recognised exam to prove your level (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, Trinity)

You are more likely to achieve your goals at London Language Lab because we don’t enroll new students each week or constantly move students and classes around. Each term, you are guaranteed to be in the same class with the same teachers, so we know what you learn from day to day and we can ensure you’ll get taught the LLL way:
● Personal attention in class and through one-to-one tutorials
● Classes rich in language which is useful for you
● Intelligent conversation and humour
● Revision and extension tasks every day.
● Progress tests every two weeks
● Advice on following your interests in London