Cultural Programme

Be part of London

Discover the whole of London

You can be a part of life in London in these three main ways:
● Buy into our courses such as Essential English+ Culture, English Pathways , all of which integrate learning and visits into the programme.

● Take part in our school social and cultural activities.
Available to everyone, accompanied by LLL staff, and run at least twice a week.
● Follow your interests by joining other Londoners at clubs and meet-ups. We will help you find something that suits you and make introductions where possible.

Some things LLL have done in the last month

With our integrated trips, we went to Brixton and explored some aspects of multiculturalism in London. We took a tour of the National Gallery and discovered how our view of what art is has changed. We learned some language connected to crime and saw a case at the Old Bailey.

For our social and cultural activities, we’ve been to Greenwich via the Docklands Light Railway; we saw the Georgia O’Keefe exhibition at the Tate Modern; we had a picnic and took at the views on Hampstead Heath; one weekend we went to Oxford and swam in the Thames!; we checked out Shoreditch and the Geffrye Museum; we had drinks, listened to music and saw the animals at London Zoo’s Sunset Safari; we toured Soho and Chinatown; we had dinner at Selale, a classic North London Turkish restaurant followed by drinks and free music on Green Lanes; Finally, some of our students joined a regular Friday night game of football in north London.

All entrance fees on Integrated visits are paid within course fees, but you will pay for transport to and from the venue. All other social and cultural activities are charged on an individual basis though we guarantee at least one free activity each week.

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