1 The minimum age is 18. There is no maximum age.
2 We can only offer you a place in a class at London Language Lab after we have received full payment and after you have done your placement test and placement interview via Skype.
3 Course fees are only valid only for the person who makes the initial application, and cannot be transferred to another person. The course[s] and dates applied for are also non-transferable.
4 When necessary, London Language Lab reserves the right to alter the teacher/timetable and/or transfer students from one class or course to another, from one time of study to another, and to merge small classes or cancel classes and courses. Fees may also be subject to change.
5 Classroom materials and coursebooks are included as part of the course and registration fees.
6 All fees account for UK public holidays, when classes will not run, and there will be no further reductions.
7 Fees for external examinations are not included in course fees, unless otherwise stated.
8 We strongly recommend that you get comprehensive travel, repatriation, medical and course insurance to cover your period of international study. School fees are not refundable or transferable so you should look for comprehensive insurance that covers reimbursement of fees.
9 We are not able to accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.
10 You cannot change from a full-time course to a part-time course or one-to-one class.
11 Social and cultural programme excursions are subject to change at short notice in the event of severely adverse weather conditions and are dependent on a minimum number of five attending.

Students from the European Economic Area (EEA)
1 Letters of acceptance are normally sent via e-mail and cannot be issued until we have received:
I. your registration fee
II. full tuition fees

Non-visa nationals and visa nationals
1 For students who apply for a Student Visitor Visa or Extended Student Visitor Visa, original letters of acceptance are sent by post and any other details are then normally sent via e-mail.
2 For students applying for a General Student Visa, letters of acceptance are normally sent via e-mail. No documents can be issued until we have received:
I. registration fee
II. full tuition fees
3 If you are applying for a General Student Visa, we will also need the WSE GSV application form, a scan of your passport, plus a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) fee of £14 (this is subject to change without prior notice). This CAS fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

For advice on visa regulations, please visit the following website:

You can also contact us with any questions you may have at: info@londonlanguagelab.com

Alternatively, contact the British Embassy in your country.

1 Payment must be received in full at least four weeks before the first day of your course. If your course starts in less than two weeks, payment must be received in full at the time of booking. London Language Lab is not responsible for any bank charges incurred by international bank transfer. Please remember to quote your student number when making your payment.
2 No part of your booking is confirmed until payment is received in full.
3 Payment must be in pounds sterling.
4 Payment can be made via this website or by:
– bank transfer directly to our account. You are responsible for all bank charges (Please email or fax us a copy of the remittance advice. Please indicate the student’s name on the remittance);
– a cheque drawn on an English bank in the UK;
– credit card, subject to a 3% handling charge.
5 A registration fee of between £50 and £100 will be charged, depending on the courses. If you start your next course within three months of your last course, this fee will not be charged.

Cancellation policy
1 Deposits, registration fees, CAS fee and courier fees are non-refundable and non- transferable.
2 However, in the case of unsuccessful visa applications, and providing the correct documentation is provided to support this, we will refund any fees paid, the CAS fee and courier fees (if applicable) – minus a £150 cancellation charge. Note that we will need to see a scan of the original refusal letter and that you must apply for refund within six months of the refusal date.
3 At the discretion of London Language Lab and with at least three weeks’ notice, you can postpone the start of your course for up to a maximum of one year, with no loss of fees or deposit.
4 There is no refund of tuition fees after arrival in the UK, but at the discretion of London Language Lab if a course cannot be completed for good reason, a credit note valid for one year will be offered for the remaining weeks. However, a minimum of two weeks’ notice must be given and course credit notes are non-transferable.
5 All cancellation or postponement requests must be made in writing, and any repayment has to be made as it was received (i.e. to the originating credit card or bank account, or in cash if applicable).
6 If a CAS has been issued, the school is required to inform the UK Border Agency (UKBA) if a student cancels or finishes his or her course early.

One-to-one classes
1 If you wish to cancel your lesson, you need to give at least 24 hours notice.
2 If you do not give 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the lesson.
3 Lessons begin and end at the time scheduled.

1 We expect you to attend 100% of the classes you have paid for. In order to meet the requirements of many entry visas, you will need to attend an absolute minimum of 85% of all taught hours.
2 You are expected to arrive on time. You will lose tuition if you are late, absent or leave before your course ends.
See Attendance Policy

Student holidays
1 London Language Lab will close during the traditional holidays periods of Christmas and Easter. We would advise you to take your holidays during these times.
2 Depending on your visa status, you may be able to take holidays by arrangement, but two weeks’ notice must be given. These holidays must start on a Monday and end on a Friday.
3 The amount of holiday you can take will depend on the length of your course.

Public holidays
1 There will be no further reductions in course fees where the course includes a public holiday.

Class sizes and location
1 All our classes have a maximum of 16 students.
2 London Language Lab reserves the right to cancel or alter a course if necessary and will offer an alternative if this happens.
3 London Language Lab may occasionally use additional classrooms in other buildings located near our main building.
4 All courses will run as advertised if four or more students are enrolled.

Class length
1 Each teaching hour is 55 minutes long.

Promotional photography and filming
1 Sometimes, London Language Lab or our representatives may take photographs or film videos that may be used for promotional purposes. Please tell us at the time of booking if you do not wish to appear in any promotional material.

Data protection
1 In order to fulfill our obligations to you (and, in some cases, to the British authorities), we may need to see and copy your passport and visa. We also need to have your contact details both in London and at home – and to know who to contact if there are any problems. By enrolling, you agree to provide these and to keep us informed of any changes. You also give permission for us to share these details at a time of inspection by an English UK inspector or a government official.

1 London Language Lab reserves the right to refuse admission or to dismiss any student without refund of fees in the event of misconduct, non-attendance or repeated late arrival.
2 London Language Lab also reserves the right to refuse to provide tuition or any other service normally offered if payment has not been made as agreed, either by an individual student, or an agent acting on his or her behalf.

Internet access
1 London Language Lab has a wireless Internet connection available free of charge. However, we cannot guarantee this service or provide individual technical support. You should use appropriate firewall software and virus protection as use of this service is at your own risk.

Complaints procedure
1 We aim to provide our service to a standard that is acceptable to all students. If we fail to do this, we want to know about it. This will enable us to deal with specific problems and to stop them from happening again. Our main goal is to respond quickly and effectively to any student dissatisfaction as it arises. If you are not satisfied with our service, please talk to us immediately. We shall try to solve the problem quickly and informally. You can speak to anyone in the office during opening hours.
2 If informal discussions do not solve the problem and you want to register a formal complaint, the process is as follows:

– Make the complaint to one of the directors either in writing or orally. You are welcome to bring a friend with you to the meeting for support or to help you translate.

– If you would prefer to email us, write to: jane@londonlanguagelab.com

– The director will keep a record of the conversation and will attempt to resolve the matter in person or by letter within twenty-four hours.

– All complaints will be recorded and kept on file. All complaints are subject to the school’s confidentiality policy.

– Please note that all complaints need to be made within four weeks of any event and within two weeks following the completion of your course. Complaints made outside of this period will not be considered.

– If you do not understand the complaints procedure or would like help with following it, please ask any of our teachers or any of the directors for help.

Force majeure
In the event of ‘force majeure’ such as fire, flooding, infectious diseases and other events outside the company’s reasonable control which may cause the closure of the school, no refund of fees will be made to students, except at the school’s discretion in exceptional circumstances.

All details are published in good faith as of March 2016. All programmes are subject to availability and minimum class numbers. We reserve the right to alter any particulars such as fees at the discretion of the company. We reserve the right to cancel any course or close the school for whatever reason. Should this be necessary, we shall offer either a full refund or an alternative course for the same value.