The LLL way

We believe that the thing that makes London Language Lab truly special is the quality of our teaching and our fresh approach centered on people, language and learning.


What do you want to do with your English? Maybe you want to join a degree programme in the UK or perhaps you’re looking to improve your job prospects. You may want to chat with colleagues or improve your networking skills. Maybe you want to joke, tell stories about your life, talk about politics, or football, or the last film you saw or your passion for fashion. Maybe you just love learning. Maybe you are all of these things at once.

At London Language Lab, we understand that to teach English well, we need to start from the people who come to us and give them the opportunities to express who they are. In our classes, we do this through intelligent conversation, humour and real-life tasks – given by teachers who respond to your language needs and help you to get the most out of your life in London.


While we start with what you want to do with your English, we also know that you cannot get there without learning lots of language. We know you can work, study and play in your own language, you just don’t yet know the words to do all of these things as well as you would like to in English.

Did you know that around 2000 words cover around 80% of what we read and say? 5000 words cover around 88% – and 6000 cover 90%. A typical graduate student uses 13,000 words!

We understand that reaching a higher level, getting a better IELTS score, being more successful in English is not just about practising the skills you have, but about learning the language you don’t have.

Our courses aim to teach you the words you need and how to use them – the other words they work with and the grammar to use them correctly – so that you can be who you are in English.


It’s easy to forget what you have learnt! Becoming fluent in a language takes time, effort and a lot of practice. Because we start from you and what you want to do with your English, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice the new language we teach you. However, we also build in time for you to study what you learn in our classes and we teach you proven techniques to remember language. And because of the way we teach and respond to what you say, you will see (and revise) grammar every day in every class.

Because we are a small, unique school, you can also be assured of getting an experienced, qualified teacher who knows what they are doing. While each teacher has their own personality and interests, we all have a consistent approach to our teaching, so whatever the class you are in, we guarantee the same kind of approach and the same high quality.